Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Perfect Set-top DVD Recorder...

I have had a set-top dvd recorder for a couple of years now, and overall I love it.
I use to make copies of movies off my dish network pvr, just like we used to do with vcrs.
However now I make better copies and its all digitial and can play in most anything that plays dvds.
I am getting a nice collection of old movies and tv specials and one-off specials from my local pbs station.
I'm not going to bore you with a list of my collection,

Right now, I focusing in on the hardware.

Over all it looks like a regular dvd player,, but the remote has that lovely little record button...!

There is where I'd make my first changes, one would be to better arrange the buttons, so the ones you use most, play record and pause, and stop were easily worked, without danger of hitting the wrong button.
I would also ad a finalize button, what most folks forget is that when a disc is done you have to finalize it like you do on a computer made dvd, as it is, at least with mine is I have to go down through 2 sets of menus to finalize a dis. what a pain. not bad when you know the way, but still a unnecessary pain.

One of the thing I love about this dvd recording in general is being able to put titles on the disc themselves when your done,, so when you put it in a machine you get a main menu, telling exactly whats on the disc.
There in lies my other change, I would make it easier to add the titles, one way to do this would be to add a wireless keyboard, possible with hot keys leading directly to main functions like editing titles and the like, it would make it easier to do menus. It should be packaged with the unit, along with the regular remote.

My other changes would be on the back of the unit, My unit would have a broader selection of inputs, not just the standred s-video, and rca plugs,
I would ad HDMI both in and out, possibly 2 HDMI inputs, and the ability to input fiber-optics and a fire wire and usb ,
I'd also let it record in high definition, either HD or Blue-ray, with at least 5.1 surround natively.

I am sure that the powers that be will never let such a unit be build and sold comericially,
But maybe some techie smarter then me will figure out how to make the HDMI inputs work and get the recording laser to see what we want it to see..

Meanwhile ,I use my little magic box and dream digital dreams........

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