Friday, September 21, 2007

Its A Google World

Microsoft is slowly loosing its grip,,,,,
Its grip on the worlds desktop.. That is....

First there was dos,
Then there was Window 3.1

Then a new era downed,,,,,,, Windows 95..
Windows 95 evolved to Windows 98..........

Now we are past Windows 98SE and fast passing from the World of XP..
Vista is upon us and closing in fast,,, all 7 versions of it..

Head for the Hills my friend...

Or at least buy any copies of XP you can find and put them away for future use.

Thats what I'd do If I had the money too..

Short of building my own operating system,,,

Apple is looking better and better,,
There are a number of things that I've always like about Apple, but thats a different Rant....

Going to Apple is defiantly a viable alternative to Vista,
Of course, one could jump into Linux, theres lots of different versions to choose from, some are more user friendly then others. UBunta comes to mind as a current favorite.

Or one could pretty much stop using any Microsoft programs that one could,
One good way to do this and have external back ups is to use google services, or their suite as it is fast becoming.

By having a google email account you have access to a host of productivity programs,


As you see you can do almost everything you need to do on here, granted some are not as featured as Microsoft products, but most folks don't use most of the tweaks they offer anyways.

Thre is also another big advantage to using Google's tools, its web based so you can access it from any machine with a connection, and all the files are stored on googles servers not your trusty hard drive, which is just waiting to die at the most in opportune moment.

If they had a way to store all your mps and video in your account and play them back on your web based tablet, you almost wouldn't need a full pledged computer, you could get by with a internet tablet of some sort, as long as you could hook up a printer and scanner and camera to it and upload stuff to your Google account.

In other words, its fast becoming a Google World

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NeoAuteur said...

XP works much better than Vista. It may not look impressive but it's so efficient and fast.