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I looked over the list of Niche Channels linked to in the article.  As a 50 year old Baby Boomer, I couldn't find a single channel that even remotely interested me. I think You tube a has a image precipitation problem partiarctly with older folks. They still see YouTube as the place with all the cute stupid videos of kids and animals doing stupid stuff. They (YouTube) has find a way to get itself taken seriously. As As was mentioned in the article, traditional media has been slow to embrace the web, or YouTube for that manor.  Traditional media putt content on their own YouTube channels would go a long way to getting folks to take YouTube seriously.
 Which I have a hard time doming. For me its a platform to made videos and port videos to my website either by link or embedded link. I can't picture myself watching long tail content on YouTube.


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Only 2 problems with that that concept,;
I don't CARE what everyone else is watching.
I don't want to broadcast what I'm watching to the world. 
Its none of their business, Its bad enough that they keep staticics for rating, without invading out screens with ims and messages we don't want or need.
We can chose for ourselves weather to banish" Larry the Cable Guy" or any other show to the great unknown on our own, without any help from crowd sourcing on our screen. 


Clayton, needs to get his proprieties straight.
They do not work for the shareholders, or stockholders. They work for the consumers, without whom they wouldn't have a company. They need to rethink how they handle any deals with any company, In the long run will the consumer get a better product or service?
If the consumer is happy, then they will make the shareholders happy, by continuing to buy the service.

 A article on the increase in dvr usage or live programming watching I did comment on.


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