Sunday, March 30, 2014

So Goes The Constitution, So Goes Our Country

    This country was founded on the idea that all men are created equal, and certain god given rights were endowed, to each of them, among them, the right to life liberty, and pursuit of happiness. To that end , the founders created the Bill of Rights setting out the boundaries  for our government for generations to come. For over 200 years it has worked pretty good, with a few minor exception and changes.

         However, over the last 50 years or so there has been a slow but subtle movement to weaken our second  amendment, the rights to keep and bear arms. Over the last couple of years the forces that would see law abiding citizens become essentially victims of every criminal looking for a quick easy score, have become more vocal, and active, and brazon. Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns  is a front for his effort to disarm America.
     The number of mayors who have left the group after finding out what's its really about is getting higher regularly. Also there have been a number of elections in which the candidate who didn't support  MAIG group won by a landslide, that goes for sheriffs too.
         Recently there has been charges brought against a California senator, LeLand Yee; for gun  running, selling guns to terrorists among other  various charges which should land him in jail for a good long time.   The fact that any senator, congressman, or other civil servant is charged those crimes is appalling. Add to that one that has been spouting anti gun rhetoric for a number of years, and doing everything in his power to disarm lawfull American citizens. He should be charged with treason and treated accordingly. as with any other senators and congressman who propose , and support bills that weaken our constitution. If they started treating theses types of thing like they should, we'd be busy electing new senators all the time,as old crooked one and treasons ones were ousted.  What is needed is a new attorney general with pro constitution agenda, and willingness to stand , up to the incumbents and bring up charges no one wants to hear, treason, Every elected official swear to protect and defend the constitution of the us from all enemies both foreign and domestic.some of what they've done is way beyond a lie to make their constituent happy, They are outright committing crimes, In many cases up to and including treason when they propose bill that will weaken our constitution, many folks don't see the bigger picture .      Efforts to limit Any of our basic rights is the precursor to much worse things yet to come. When a senator declares on national television, that he thinks that ANY Amdentant, should be scraped, be it the second or third,  forth, tenth, twelfth, or eighteenth, its setting a very bad president and, opening the floodgates of others to make similar statements, Granted the first amendment gives us the right to free speech, which give me the right to express my opinions here.  However, in my  mind expressing ideas such the senator did on nation tv, is a open invitation for some very dire consequences, possibly for him, and definitely  for his cronies. who feel the same way. The article is here;
    LeLand Yee story;

         This should be a call to action to all American who believe in the Constitution, that is is our ultimate rule of law, or the country. All other laws and rules passed by the government and states should support it, and do NOTHING to undermine it.Any official from mayor or senator, or representative or governor, or president who works to undermine the Constitution, and Bill of Rights is committing treason. When they took the oath of office, the promised to protect the country from ALL enemies both  foreign  and domestic. By proposing bills and supporting bills that limit and tend to make it harder for law abiding Americans to exercise their god given rights, they are committing treason, and as such should be tread as traitors. 
    Call your senators and house of representative and let them know you demand investigation and prosecution  of  oficials who are trying to  dismantle the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.