Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Changing PIM Platforms

Well, this has beena very busy week, Among other things, Nancy had to get a new PDA.
Our old faithful Palm Z22 had been giving us problems, mostly losing information. This was becoming more of a problem then we could tolerate. So Nancy finely broke down and got herself a new pda, actually she seriously upgraded. What she wound up with was a smart phone/pda combo. This thing has a cell phone, pda and everything works together. It syncs with Microsoft's Outlook, which was on the cd, and I had to put on my machine.
This runs on Microsoft's Pocket PC,which is essentially windows scaled down to fit the small form factor. This thingf will play full motion video, take pictures and even tell you what time it is...!

You can make call directly from the contacts list among other things,
It uses a blue tooth head set to use the phone. Overall it works pretty good

However.. and a big However is that the is a big learning curve. Mostly on the handheld side.
We are having to relearn how to do all the basic stuff we used to do on the palm. In a lot of ways tghe palm was simpler and eaisyier to use, however it didn't do half of what the ppc unit will do, and still figuring out everything.

One major problem has been importing all the data from the palm desktop. We spent two days copying and pasting everything from the palm desktop to the outlook, and then syncing it to the pda.
I'm still importing all the contacts from the palm contact list,
So far so good. I'll update the blog as We go along.

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Brent said...

Yeah, awesome, but what make and model IS IT ?!?!?