Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back Up Your Life

Technology is a Beautiful Thing....
When It Works...........

Things have changed so much in the last 10 years or so its truly amazing, and probably a little scary. I can sit and do things on my computer that I never thought of before, and the machine if it has enough ram and a fast enough processor, which most do now days, can do it with no problem.

However with all that power and technology come a price to pay. That price can come in may forms. one the most obvious is dependency ,on the technology. Worst case senerials play themselves out all the time.

There are several worst case senerials that can happen to the average tech user, The first major disaster would be the main computer that all the family pictures, music and other important data is stored on goes down, and can't be restarted for whatever reason. There are two main reason for that to happen, The first being Windows, for some reason decided to not work. Then your left with your life on a hard drive you can't get to. However, it may still be possible to access the data if you have a external case available , and the know-how to install the hard drive into it and more importantly a second computer to plug the usb into to see the drive, and retrieve the data, As you can see, this is bad, but, theres worst; the entire main Hard drive physically fails. That is when you have MAJOR problems. That means theres a physical problem with the hard drive itself. In which case you've probably lost the data.

I don't say all this just to scare you The point is; massive hard drives are cheap now, very cheap, for under 100.00 or so, you can get a 200+ gig external hard drive to copy and back up all your family pictures and music, movie's ect. The chance of the 2nd hard drive failing is remote, although it could happen. So backing all pics, music to dvd and other media is also a good idea, In fact a copy should be keep off-site,, in other words, not in the house. If it burns down and the copies are next to the computer that melts,, you haven't accomplished anything.
My advise is to make permant copy's of stuff you know your not going back to change in a long time, and put them in a safety deposit box. and updating the dvds on a regular basics.

I have a number of other ideas, and subjucts that I will expond on as I go along and they come up.
If you have any comments of questions please let me know.

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