Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mission Statement

Lawson Report:
Mission Statement

Over the last couple of years I have used this blog as a place to share my ideas about technology in general, and media and consumer rights, in particular. As the new year and new decade dawn in very short order..
The time has come to explain my ideals in writing this blog:

1. I try to take a journalistic view to the articles; That is, while I don't do straight reporting, I do try to keep my writings as professional as possible.
2. Please remember that my articles are commentary and opinions on the subjects of the articles.

3. I Do not try to aggregate news and spit it out, anyone can do that. There are many places that do it very well.
What I do pick a topic or general subject and try to give a different view of the subject or topic . I try to see thing that are not usually obvious to the casual reader and would probably miss. Because I am older and not in the tech industry , I have a different view then most.
4. It is my underlying believe that slowly and surly all consumer rights to use their media and in many cases the devices to play them on are being taken away from them. Many times they don't even realize that this is happening. The concept of "Fair Use" for the consumer has become in many cases a joke and is very fast becoming nonexistent .
5. The traditional media formats and distributions methods are fast being replaced by both new models and more importantly are being bypassed altogether, or short-cuted to to bring about the same end result.
6. The changing landscape of both traditional media and new medias opens new avenues to express ones ideas and thoughts about the uses or missuses of the technology. This is my platform to share my ideas and concerns for the future of our media and in many ways our way of life. Please take the time to go through the past couple of years articles and feel free to comment and or email me your thoughts on my thoughts.

December 29, 2009
Kenneth Lawson

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